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Welcome to the LaunchAIO Help Page!

This page will help you find the answers you need and provide you with everything you need to make the most of your LaunchAIO platform. It's very important to us that we set the right expectations for you, so please review the page and explore the free resources BEFORE submitting a support ticket or requesting assistance.

IMPORTANT: There are 2 Versions of AIO:

Depending on which version you are using, the setup and functionality will vary. For example, the LITE version has basic functionality and is almost completely setup for you. The PRO version has far more advanced features and content so you will need a bit more setup work to enable all the features.

Support Options

LaunchAIO is an extremely feature rich platform with unlimited possibilities. There are infinite ways to customize your AIO and how you utilize the functionality is completely up to you. There are dozens of features that can be setup in a various ways and combinations. Since you will have a unique combination of features, unique to your own business - we are limited to what we can offer in terms of support. It's very important that you understand when you purchase the LaunchAIO platform, you are responsible for customizing it.

Please understand that Launch AIO replaces dozens of complicated and expensive subscriptions, and consolidates them into one unified platform so setup and learning how to use it may feel overwhelming to some, but we assure you that the learning curve is not as hard as it seems.

We provide a ton of free resources to help you on your journey, but that's about it. If you need additional help, we offer PAID support options. Please do not call, email or message Launch staff requesting help, as it is not included with your AIO subscription. If you take the time to search the resources we provide and still unable to find your answer, you may submit a ticket through the help library, post your question in the AIO Facebook community or attend our weekly live training sessions.


  • Members Area - CLICK HERE for access to lessons and tons of free resources.

  • Facebook Community - CLICK HERE to join the LaunchAIO Facebook Community. A great place to ask questions and get answers!

  • Youtube Videos - CLICK HERE to view previously recorded, helpful videos on our Youtube channel.

  • Help Library - Search our knowledge-base for answers to virtually any question. If you still cannot find the answer, submit a support ticket. This is located on the left menu inside your AIO account.

  • Start Help Guide - Look for a button on the top right corner of your AIO platform. This user guided tour walks you through all the features of Launch AIO.

  • Weekly Live Training - CLICK HERE, every Tuesday at 2pm EST for a live Zoom call to answer your questions!


Not everyone is tech savvy and even if you are, you can save time by hiring us to help you get up and running quickly. We offer several paid support options designed to help you reach your goals. Choose a fast track setup, get some custom work done, or if you want us to bring your ideas to reality, we can do that with our Pro Plan. Visit to order.

  • Fast Track Setup - We will setup your website, funnel, calendar and more so you can start generating revenue immediately.

  • Custom Setup - Everything in the Fast Track Plan and also includes 5 hours of developer time and 1 hour 1on1 coaching.

  • Pro Setup - Everything in the Custom Plan and also includes 20 hours of developer time and 2 hours 1on1 coaching.

Getting Started

Getting your LaunchAIO up and running is easy. Follow these steps:

STEP #1 - SETTINGS - To login CLICK HERE, then navigate to "SETTINGS" on the left menu and go through each section and fill in as much as possible. Your settings are the brains of your AIO platform and any missing information will result in lack of functionality. If you are unsure of what to place in any of these sections, visit the AIO membership area and click GETTING STARTED which will walk you through each section. We also offer a paid FAST TRACK support option that can take care of this step for you.

STEP #2 - SMS/PHONE - The automations within the AIO platform require a bulk SMS platform such as Twillio to send SMS messages and phone capabilities. Your AIO account is automatically setup with a "Twillio Sub-Account". If you are sending a high volume of SMS, MMS, Ringless Voicemails or phone use, this is how you create and connect your own account. First CLICK HERE to create a Twillio account and when your finished, copy and paste your Account SID and Authorization Token into an email and send to so we can finalize the connection for you. Next, Navigate to Settings → Team Management > Select the User and scroll to "Call & Voicemail Settings" > Select the Twilio Number from the dropdown. AIO PRO has full functionality and AIO Lite does NOT include this functionality.

STEP #3 - EMAIL - The automations within the AIO platform require a bulk email platform such as Mailgun, Amazon SES, SendGrid or Mailjet to send email messages. We recommend Mailgun. Your AIO account is automatically setup with a "Mailgun Sub-Account", however; if you want the lowest rates you will need to connect to your own primary account. To do this, CLICK HERE to create your account and you will need to create a subdomain within Mailgun. Login to your DNS manager (ex: Godaddy, Cloudflare, etc) Select the domain you want to use for Mailgun from a domain you already own or have purchased. You will set-up a subdomain for Mailgun so it's ok to choose a domain that is already being used. Navigate to your Mailgun account, select Domains from the menu at the top. Then click Add New Domain. Create a subdomain such as or and enter it in the Domain Name field. Leave all other settings as default. Click Add Domain.

STEP #4 - CONNECT AIO & CRO - Some integrations within the AIO Platform require Zapier to function. CLICK HERE to create a Zapier account and when done you can setup integration between your AIO Platform and other software. One integration that you may want to setup first is the integration between LaunchAIO and LaunchCRO. Watch this video on how to create this integration.

STEP #5 - WEBSITE & FUNNELS - Your AIO Platform may include websites or pre-built funnels. If you want to use the websites or funnels, you will need to first connect a domain. The AIO Lite has a subdomain already connected however, if you want to whitelabel it you will need to purchase a domain or use an existing domain. After you have purchased a domain from any domain registrar you want, you will need to connect it. Once the domain is connected, navigate to Websites & Funnels and edit the website content to you liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers.

What is Launch AIO?

LaunchAIO is a sales, automation and communication platform that consolidates dozens of expensive tools and subscriptions into one incredible software. The LaunchAIO Platform is built on GoHighLevel and with that said, the possibilities are literally endless. If you ever need help with any aspect of your LaunchAIO account, search the web for GoHighLevel + [ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW] and you will find countless resources.

What is the difference between AIO BETA, AIO LITE and AIO PRO?

Initially, we started with AIO Beta. It was a huge success, but was admittedly a little difficult for non technical people to initially get started. We took the feedback from our user community and revised it into two new products AIO LITE and AIO PRO.

The AIO Lite will give you the basic tools you need to generate, manage and convert leads, book appointments, build reviews and automate your sales processes. This platform is for credit repair business owners that want to start taking their sales and marketing to the next level without any technical hurdles. This is designed to help you start to automate your credit repair business, start generating leads, start to book appointments, manage & convert your leads and build reviews while monitoring your reputation.

On the other hand, AIO Pro gives you all the tools to completely automate and scale your credit repair business. This plan replaces over $3k in monthly subscriptions and unifies all of your communications, campaigns and all of your sales and marketing tools into one, streamlined ecosystem so you can focus on what you do best. Pro is designed to completely automate your credit repair business, unify your communication platform and CRM, give you advanced marketing and lead generation tools and everything you need to quickly scale your business and dominate the competition.

Then we did something crazy... We offered AIO Pro at a huge discount. So most of our clients are on AIO Pro because of the refined features and enormous value it offers.

I have AIO Lite, how do I upgrade.

You can upgrade at anytime by visiting and purchasing. Make sure you email to cancel your Lite account. You may also downgrade, however - you will lose many of the features included in Pro.

I purchased it, how do I get started?

If you have already subscribed, we have a ton of resources available to you. Please review this page in detail, join our live training sessions, ask questions in the AIO Facebook Community, visit the Help Page within your AIO platform and watch the videos on our Youtube channel. All of these resources can be found at the footer of this page.

Where do I get support?

We have a ton of free resources for you to get help, and paid support options if needed. Please review the "Support Options" section on this page above. You should start by logging into our members only area, joining our Facebook Community, joining our live trainings, watching previously recorded live trainings and visiting our help library located on the left menu inside the AIO platform. We have also created a members only area that has tons of information to help you succeed. It has all the answers you are seeking, but please do not call, message or email us for questions about your product. You are responsible for setting up your AIO platform and finding answers. If you message us, we will direct you back to this page.

What is Mailgun and do I need a Mailgun account to send email through AIO?

Well, it depends. AIO Lite does not have email functionality; however, AIO Pro does have email capability and comes setup with a Mailgun subaccount already. Mailgun is industrial priced email automation for sending, receiving and tracking emails sent through your AIO platform. The cost is minimal (a fraction of a cent per email) and will allow you to send mass emails through the AIO automations.

What is Twillio and do I need a Twillio account to send SMS through AIO?

AIO Lite does not have SMS functionality; however, AIO Pro does have industrial priced SMS & MMS automation for sending, receiving and tracking SMS and MMS sent through your AIO platform. The cost is minimal (a fraction of a cent per SMS or MMS) and will allow you to send SMS and MMS through the AIO automations. Any client signing up for AIO Pro after December 2021 will have a LeadConnector integration included (which is our platforms replacement provider for Twillio. You will need to choose your phone number to use for messaging and metered charges for ongoing inbound and outbound calling and SMS / MMS messaging will be billed and your responsibility to pay

How do I integrate LaunchAIO with LaunchCRO?

Watch the video in step #4, "CONNECT AIO & CRO"

Do I need a Zapier Account?

If you want to connect other software or trigger actions, you will need a software like Zapier. LaunchAIO is built on GoHighLevel so it is already built to accommodate virtually any integration. CLICK HERE to learn how to integrate Zapier with your AIO Platform.

I have a website that I would like to move to my AIO account, how does that work?

AIO offers unlimited hosting, so you can add and host as many websites as you like. To move your website to AIO, you will need to copy the code over using the website or funnel builder. This requires some technical knowledge. If you need help, just about any website developer will be able to help or you can hire one of our expert developers at

Something is broken, and I don't know what to do. Where do I find help?

99% of the time something seems to be broken, it is either user error or something simple. Your best option to finding a solution is by searching for an answer in the "Help Library" which can be found on the left menu within your LaunchAIO platform. The knowledge base is searchable by topic and has the answer to virtually any issue you may be experiencing. If you are unable to find your answer, you can submit a ticket through the help desk. Another way to quickly isolate the issue and find an answer is to create a screen share video using a free program such a Loom. Take a full video showing the issue and explaining exactly what the problem is, then posting in the LaunchAIO Facebook community. When you clearly explain the issue and visually show it in a video, other AIO users and Group Admins are able to easily identify the issue and offer solutions. If you post a vague question without any video, chances are you will not receive an answer so please keep that in mind.

Why was I billed $10, what is that for?

Each time you send email, ringless voicemail, SMS, MMS or use phone features within your AIO platform, it will result in micro-charges billed through Mailgun or Twillio or whatever service provider you choose. Some AIO accounts already have Mailgun or Twillio automatically setup and the charges on your statement may reflect the name Launch if we set it up for you. The cost per message or call is a fraction of a fraction of a cent, but over time especially if you are sending bulk messages can add up and the service providers automatically bill you and "recharge" your account when it reaches approximately $10. You can see a summary of each charge by logging into your AIO account > Settings > Company Billing > Details.

Can I replace the funnel domain with my own domain?

Absolutely! Watch the "Connecting Domain" video above to learn how.

I want to cancel, how do I get a refund.

You may cancel at anytime, however; we do not issue refunds. Please read our refund policy and terms and conditions agreement. To cancel, please send your request to If you cancel before your monthly due date, you will not be billed again.

I'm locked out of my AIO account, how to I regain access ?

It depends. If you fail to pay your subscription you will be locked out and will need to contact to update your billing. If you forgot your password, simply visit the Login Page and click "Forgot Password". An email will be sent to you with a link to reset it.

I have an issue with a different Launch product.

Our products have different support channels and are managed by different teams. Please make sure you use the correct channel and reach out to the appropriate team when you need support:

LaunchCRO = Submit a helpdesk ticket by logging into your LaunchCRO account OR email

LaunchDIY = Send an email to

LaunchAIO = Send an email, however; support is limited to billing only. If you need additional assistance, visit your membership area, ask questions in the Facebook community, watch Youtube videos, search the help library use the start help guide within the AIO platform or join our live weekly training.

ID Club = Send an email to

How to I change the card on file?

If you need to update your billing information, simply go to Settings > Company Billing and add your new card.

Can I add more users to my AIO account?

Yep! Go to Settings on left main menu > then Team Management and add as many as you like.

You can change their password or delete them whenever you like.

Can I add additional funnels or websites to my AIO?

Yes, you can add unlimited funnels and websites with free hosting. To add another funnel or website you have options:

1 - Create a new design using the funnel builder inside your AIO platform.

2 - Make a copy (Clone) of an existing funnel or website in AIO platform and modify it.

3 - Purchase as many as you like from Launch Marketplace.

4 - Purchase elsewhere and import using a link that allows import.

5 - Hire a designer that is familiar with Go High Level to create one for you.

6 - Find a ClickFunnels page template and import it directly.

Can I create and sell membership courses in LaunchAIO?

Yes, if you have a AIO Pro you can easily create membership areas and courses then sell them using Paypal and Stripe which are fully integrated with your LaunchAIO Pro account. AIO Lite does not have this capability.

How do I log in to AIO?

Your login credentials were emailed to you. Visit and sign in. If you cannot locate your login credentials, try a password reset.

Where do I learn how to use it?

You will find everything you need in the "RESOURCES" section of this membership area. In the unlikely event you cannot find an answer there, google it. There are countless groups and resources for Go High Level online.

How do I set up my website and funnels?

Your free website and funnels are already built, you just need to customize them to fit your business like editing the content, adding pages, changing images colors, and your logo. You can add additional websites and funnels if you like and easily customize them with our website builder. Login and click "Funnels and Websites" on the left side menu to get started.

How many websites and funnels can I have?

You can have unlimited websites and funnels. (hosting is free)

Do I need a Twillio and Mailgun account?

If you are planning on using the amazing SMS, MMS and Email automation within this system, yes - you will need Twillio and Mailgun. The lite version does not include this functionality.

Do I need to pay separately for Twillio and Mailgun use?

Yes, to send SMS and email messages there is a low per message cost that is automatically billed directly from the platform. You will be asked for billing information before you can use it and set the threshold for how often it will deduct the fees and refresh your balance.

Does AIO have automations already built in?

Yep! There are a few in AIO Lite and in AIO Pro there are many preconfigured automations specifically for credit repair organizations fully built and ready to use. Login and click on "Workflows" to see all of the incredible campaigns we have painstakingly built to save you time and automate your marketing, onboarding, affiliates, consultations and more.

Does the platform consolidate all my communication platforms into one?

Yep, AIO Pro allows you to merge all your emails, SMS, voicemail and even Instagram, Facebook messenger, web chat and other message sources into one easy to manage dashboard. Click "CONVERSATIONS" to see it in action.

Does AIO Pro replace other email marketing subscriptions like Active Campaign and MailChimp?

Yep, not only does this replace them - but it's easier, smarter, and already integrated with all your other tools.

Do I still need Acuity or Calendly?

Nope, you do not - AIO Lite and AIO Pro have an internal appointment scheduling tool and calendar already built into the system.

Do I still need hosting for my website?

Technically no because the system will host your websites. However, if your current hosting also provides your email services for your domain, we recommend keeping it.

What is WordPress and do I need it?

This depends on your needs. Wordpress is one of the most popular website building software because of its ability to accept plugins from a massive amount of options and capabilities.

Generally speaking, 99% of our AIO Pro clients do not need to use Wordpress because the build in web editor is easy to use and works well for website building and hosting.

The cases where adding on the additional expense and capability of building with Wordpress is only recommended for certain situations such as:

1 - You have an existing website with hundreds of pages and content and need to move it into AIO to save labor/time/expense of recreating it with another web building editor

2 - You need a certain plugin that extends the feature or capability of the website that is only available or offered via a Wordpress add-on

3 - You are an expert at building in Wordpress and don't want to try learning to use the built in web and funnel editor

Wordpress hosting has a minimum 3 month commitment. Please contact before purchasing to discuss.

How many leads and contacts & opportunities can I add to the system?

You can add UNLIMITED LEADS and Contacts into this system.

Can I add more users such as my employees or VAs?

Yes absolutely in fact you can add UNLIMITED employees to your account. To add employees, goto Setup >Team Management.

How do I set the level access permissions for my employees?

Once you add an employee you can adjust the user permission settings for the specific employee.

How do I get help and support on a certain feature or function?

We do not provide feature support, however we have a ton of resources available. On the left menu, the last tab on the bottom will be "Help Library" Click on the Help Library and search the knowledge database to learn more about specific features. You can join our live trainings, ask questions in our Facebook community, watch videos on our Youtube channel, search the web for whatever feature you are trying to learn about + [GO HIGHLEVEL] and you will find thousands of results.

How do I download the Mobile App?

Search the App or Play Store for "LeadConnector" App. Download the app and login with the same username and password to Launch AIO.

Can I use this platform to create and sell courses with AIO Pro?

Yes absolutely! Go to Sites > Click on Memberships > Products > Create new product. You can host as many courses as you like. You can also integrate your Stripe account to collect payments for your paid courses! AIO Lite does not have this feature. To upgrade, send an email to

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